Introduction of electric products

TRIS's developed products

Power module for EV drive motor (EESM) ~ TPM ~

Estimated lifespan of 1 million km with TPM!

As an important part of EESM, our high-performance carbon brush for wire-wound field is It greatly contributes to higher performance, longer life, and maintenance-free motors. We are also focusing on developing compact brush holders that take advantage of the features of long-life carbon brushes, and by making brush holders lighter and more compact, we will contribute to improving the electricity consumption of EESM EV and downsizing the motor.
*TPM: Abbreviation for Tris Power Module for EESM

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High performance earthing system ~TES~

Prevent galvanic corrosion and eliminate noise with TES!

As the inverters and motors of electric vehicles such as EVs become more sophisticated, the problems of electrolytic corrosion and radiated noise are becoming more and more important. TRIS has developed and adopted high-performance earthing brushes from the first-generation Nissan Leaf as countermeasures against radiated noise, and by applying these, we have developed high-performance earthing brushes that can be used in various environments and applications such as electrolytic corrosion, oil submersion, and small brushless motor applications. We are currently developing a performance earthing system.
*TES: Abbreviation for Tris Earthing System

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High performance_sliding material products ~ TSM Series ~

Contribute to carbon neutrality with TSM Series!

Using TRIS's unique special processing technology, we have developed the high-performance multifunctional material TSM, which achieves high dimensional stability and low torque. The first product was adopted for water pump bearings, contributing to improved pump performance.
*TSM: Abbreviation for Tris (Carbon) Sliding Material

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TRIS product list

Renewable energy, Products for a recycling-oriented society

  • Renewable energy related
  • Next generation energy related

Applying the technology cultivated through in-vehicle products, we are working on product development aimed at improving the efficiency of renewable energy equipment.
In addition, we are working to improve the durability of consumable parts and reduce the number of parts replacement cycles to prevent the depletion of limited resources.

Existing products

  • Carbon brush
  • Carbon commutator
  • Bus bar

Our company has produced many products that boast top shares both domestically and internationally, mainly carbon brushes for automobiles.
Using our proprietary technology, we have created products that apply graphite's characteristics of lubricity and conductivity to automotive parts that have a variety of requirements.
In addition to carbon brushes, we also produce powder metallurgy and flexible busbars, which have earned us high trust from our customers.

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